Friday, 8 March 2013

News about friends: Are the personal assistants welcomed into classrooms? (educational communities that work)/Noutati despre prieteni: Sunt asistentii personali bine-veniti in clasa?(comunitati educationale care functioneaza bine)

Today I will tell you about two young girls that have chosen to be personal assistants for children with disabilities.
They come to school and stay into the classroom every day with the children that they have in care.Two years ago when they appeared it was a veri first experience for School "Alecu Russo" in the matter of having personal assistants into the classroom. At first, everybody was cautious on making a  prediction about how effective will be their presence among children.
Let me tell you about how they evolved.
Or, better, guess who organized the most part of the classroom celebration of Mother's Day????
"Elena" and "Maia", those amazing and beautiful girls!
... To be functional an educational community needs EVERYBODY to contribute! As result, ANY child will be welcomed, integrated and accepted!
The education of children is a job that must be shared by each member of the community... Other ways, the school becomes a lost island with no contact with the real world.
  Good job, girls!
Both of you are my heroes too!
Let me show you some photos to see how they danced and sang with the children!

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