Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lucky (true story, as usual)

Lucky (true story, as usual)

You live your hopeless darkest time.
You don’t give for your fate a dime.
You walk and talk but you’re a shadow'
Your home is your tears’ river meadow.
You have no hope your soul to ease,
Your heart is bleeding without cease,
You drink each day’s light bitter cup.
You hide your pain but don’t give up.

And when, one day, you'll finally find
That you’re alive but you are blind,
You'll start to care about the others,
You’ll see that Luck and Faith are brothers.
When choose to stay no more apart,
Few people will arrive and start
To laugh and jump and loudly scream:
“Hey, YOU, we have a dream!”
(your, sincerely,...)

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